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-Midi DCB adaport for JUNO 60 buy manual
-USB midi DCB adaport for JUNO 60 buy manual

-Midi CV GATE buy manual
-Midi CV Gate Eurorack buy
-USB midi - ARP sync buy
-USB midi CV GATE buy
-USB midi - 5 gates modeule buy
-USB midi - sync24 buy


cv calibration manual

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Midi CV GATE - does the devide do CV in ?
No , only cv out

What is calibration mode?

its a mode where you can retune each note.
to keep it simple , you dont need to touch it unless you have a good reason for it.... Dont play with it , you can get your uit out of tune .
the units are calibrated on factory , no need to touch it.

calibration mode is off when you power up the unit... just dont push the button and you will be allright

Nothis in working , whats the problem ?

are you using the right power supply ?
it should be a 9v at least 150 ma , CENTER NEGATIVE power supply
if all is good you should have the red led ON all the time.

device is correctly powered but doesnt working

be sure you use channel 1
your unit should blinking when you send midi notes to it.

Does this come pre-assembled with the case?

all of our circuits are sold assembled , and with the case.
you must mount the case your self , it only takes 2 minutes.
we do so to save on shipping